Radya Pustaka Museum

Museum Radya Pustaka  is built on 28 October 1980 by Duke Kanjeng Sosrodiningrat IV, during the reign of Dalem Pepatih Pakubuwono Pakub...

Museum Radya Pustaka is built on 28 October 1980 by Duke Kanjeng Sosrodiningrat IV, during the reign of Dalem Pepatih Pakubuwono Pakubuwono IX and X lies in the way of protocol Slamet Riyadi, Sriwedari Cultural Park area, Surakarta (Solo).

Radya Pustaka Museum is not under the auspices of the Department of Antiquities and the Local Government Tourism Office, but the status of the foundation. The foundation is named Foundation Paheman Radyapustaka Surakarta and was formed in 1951. Then for the daily task of implementing the first presidium was formed in 1966 known by Go Tik Swan or also known as KRT Hardjonagoro.

On the front page, in front of the museum building, visitors will find a bust of R. Ng. Rangga Warsita. He was a poet who is very famous Surakarta palace and lived in the 19th century. The statue was unveiled by President Sukarno in 1953. In front of and behind the statue there are inscriptions that use Java script.

the back of radya pustaka museum

the front of radya pustaka museum

the head of an acient boat "rajamala"
Then there are several museums in the foyer of the VOC-wheeled cannon from the 17th century and 18th. Meanwhile there are also several small cannons Kartasura's palace. In addition there are also several statues of Hindu-Buddhist. Among others, there are statues Rara Jonggrang which means "virgin high" but is actually a statue of Goddess Durga. There are also statues Boddhisatwa and Shiva. These statues are found in the vicinity of Surakarta.

Radya Pustaka Museum has a collection consisting of a variety of statues, inheritance customs, leather puppets and ancient books. Collection of ancient books that are sought that include essays on Wulang Reh Pakubuwono IV whose contents include instructions regarding the administration and Fiber Rama essay I bernamaYasadipura Surakarta palace poet who tells of the epic Ramayana.

                                              several collections of ancient treasures

Radya Pustaka Museum is open on all days of the week except on Monday. Generally the museum is open from 8.30 am to 1 pm, but then on Friday the museum is open from 8.30am to 11 am.

So let's visit Solo :)
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